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Create enthusiasm and motivation needed to encourage the learning of behaviours useful to contribute effectively to teamwork and leadership development, through outdoor group activities, designed to urge in the participants both, the rational and the emotional components and all those mechanisms useful to the group to achieve their goals.


Work together in a very engaging and exciting way through the techniques of the musical, in order to develop one’s own creativity and that of the group, and to increase self-awareness through artistic performance.


Retrace the fundamental dynamics of teamwork through a musical team-building activity, offering the chance to live a new experience, leading to reflection, involvement and excitement. Every step of the way allows you to experience a challenging and higher sense of individual and collective achievement.


It is increasingly important to have a solid and cohesive first management line to help towards completion of the business challenges of the company: being able to integrate and to evolve their management skills is a key requirement to obtain success in a changing environment.


Live and work at rhythm. Add rhythm to the path that leads straight towards the realization of our goals: an innovative and effective approach to the methodology of optimal management of their time in function of personal and professional goals to be achieve, to give rhythm to the business and lives!


Increase the perception of self and the world around us through the art of photography, looking to the goals and mission at 360°, exploring the different perspectives within us, the business and developing mental flexibility to deal with change.


Discover and effectively strengthen one’s leadership skills in a practical and direct way, and better understand the connections related to self-esteem as an ability to change and adapt to the context. To discover their communication skills and personal effectiveness in relationships, in an unusual context (outdoor) that requires flexibility and courage.


It is a tailored process for people who seek to identify their specific gap and overcome them with the help of a personal coach. The coaching sessions will emerge the strengths of individuals, helping them to overcome the limitations and difficulties in order to deliver their best on both personal and professional levels.


Share a team experience in a special event outside the box to try out good food to rediscover and strengthen teamworking skills, but also pay attention to detail in a “starry” location.


Our way of working starts with the customer and his need. In-depth understanding of the need and expectation is the key to design the intervention that best satisfies them. At the centre of each project there is always the customer who with his identity and his needs inspires from time to time the creation and realization of the specific design solution.


It represents a sign of listening by the organization, it typically has the purpose of analyzing not only the mood the employees, but also: the complex set of their expectations towards the company, the degree of motivation and involvement, the satisfaction linked to the work assigned and the environment in which it is carried out, the appreciation of the structure and organizational processes, and anything else that contributes to the well-being of the worker, to the efficiency and effectiveness of the team.


Do we play to learn? It is a form of entertainment with the aim of educating and at the same time having fun. The objective of an edutainment process is to identify people’s development areas and train the skills and abilities through play and challenge.


Transfer the know-how between junior and senior. We need to get used to a long-life learning perspective in which we never stop learning. The goal is not only to keep senior workers up to date, but also to activate new leadership models in junior people, through exchanges with seniors, breaking down the prejudices that junior people as seen too inexperienced to teach something, and the seniors not willing to share useful knowledge.


Encourage the knowledge transfer within the company to maintain the company’s competitiveness in the market. To maintain knowledge in the company and to be able to continue being competitive in their reference market, the companies need to ensure an effective knowledge transfer from the key figures (knowledge leaders, experts, etc.) to the juniors.

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